Personal Training in Frankfurt

Better results, customised to suit your goals

We all know how important fitness and strength training is to the human body, and not just from an aesthetics point of view (although, let’s be honest, that probably is the source of most peoples motivation!).

Previously a professional athlete, I have been surrounded by world class trainers in Sydney and London for many years, being taught the best and most effective training methods.  Teaching confidence and self acceptance through exercise is an ultimate goal for me with all clients, but it’s also important to reach specific goals that are set by yourself throughout your training so that you keep achieving.

My aim is to make you feel great, and look great through goal specific, enjoyable workouts.  I like to incorporate a lot of body weight exercises in my programs, and also leave a bit of room for fun/exhausting activities, or ”play”.  Group workouts in Frankfurt are available at SYDFIT, or you can train 1 on 1. Also offered is kettlebell training in Frankfurt. Sessions usually last for 30-45 mins and are completely customised to help you achieve your specific goals.

I train some clients at their own health clubs , but usually train outside in the fresh air, providing safe weather conditions.  I wont be standing there yelling at you like a drill sergeant, but will be watching closely for correct technique and encouraging you by participating myself when need be!

You can find more information about personal training in Frankfurt with me on the SYDFIT website.


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